Workout DVDs for Women over 50 Many women tend to care less about physical exercise when they reach 50s, or after menopause. But following the right diet and physical exercise is the only way to reach, maintain and sustain a healthy body weight, especially as you get older. There are special weight loss programs that provide useful guides to women while doing their physical exercises, and also help them choose proper nutrition in their diet. These programs have workout DVDs for women over 50 that have all the details on how to attain a healthy lifestyle, and the best ways of doing physical exercises.

Workout DVDs for Women over 50 can be found at very affordable prices from online retail stores such as Amazon, and they also offer free shipping. There are a wide range of different DVDs available so there shouldn’t be any problem finding those that match your level of fitness and interests.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Leslie SansoneStart Walking At Home With Leslie Sansone – Leslie has a whole series of exercise DVDs based around walking but this is the probably the best one for beginners and gets top rated reviews from its users.  When we say walking for fitness, you don’t actually have to leave your house – it involves walking on the spot, and then other exercises are added to give you a total low impact body workout. The great thing about Leslie is that she is an engaging coach and what she teaches doesn’t involve lots of fancy footwork and is really easy to pick up.

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Trim, Tone & Flex – Jane Fonda is a great role model for older women who want to keep themselves in shape and this DVD contains a lower body and an upper body workout that will help you get your fitness back on track. There is also a nice bonus ten minute relaxation section that helps with the stresses of everyday life.

Ageless with Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround – Kathy Smith practices what she preaches and looks fantastic at fifty!  This DVD contains three workouts to give you a total body workout. What we liked about this DVD is that Kathy shows various modifications of the exercises so anybody, no matter at what level of fitness they are, can get through the workouts.

Relax into Yoga for Seniors: Safe and Simple Practices for Older Adults – We couldn’t go without recommending a yoga DVD for seniors, and this one has been well received. Yoga – if practiced correctly – can be performed by people of all ages, and this excellent DVD teaches safe and gentle yoga  in a very user friendly way, with actual seniors demonstrating the yoga moves.

There are plenty more workout DVDs for women over 50 but if you check out any of our recommendations you can’t go wrong. It is very easy to put off your health as you get older and blame any ailments on your age, but with a good diet and spending a bit of time working out in front of the TV a few times you could transform your life.